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Thurnscoe - Harriet Weeding

Natasha stenton-rodgers
New Member

Hello I am trying to find whether my Great Grandmother is buried or was cremated. She died 4th March 1994 in Thurnscoe 

Her name Harriet Weeding, she was at the time I believe married to Percy Weeding who I believe died in 2001. Whether that helps I don't know. I tried to search but it didn't bring anything up 

many thanks for any help

Topic starter Posted : 02/05/2022 5:57 pm
Peter Shields
 Peter Shields
(@Peter Shields)

Hi Natasha,


Could you let me know if you got the information regarding Harriet Weeding, I put it on here twice.


Posted : 05/06/2022 11:16 am

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