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The Dearne Memorial Group's Barnsley Cemeteries Project

Dearne Memorial Group

Welcome to the Dearne Memorial Group and Barnsley Cemeteries project. Why not become a member and help the effort.

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This website went live in 2009. We are planning to upgrade and refresh the site in the spring of 2021.

You can browse through the cemeteries on the left. Many cemeteries have a gallery page containing photos of the cemetery as well as some information about the cemetery and layout plans.

We offer a grave restoration, renovation and cleanup service. Get in touch with Pete Shields for more information. You can see some of our grave renovation work at the bottom of the Thurnscoe Cemetery page.

Who We Are

We are a small group of volunteers who, in 2002, decided to try and improve the standards in Thurnscoe Cemetery, with the objectives to preserve the memorials and historic assets of the cemetery.

Since the group was formed in October 2002 there have been various projects on the go all the time, the group has worked with the Bereavement Services Staff both in the field and in the office.

The projects, which have been completed, are as follows:

  • Thurnscoe Baby Memorial to 1,015 babies in unmarked graves
  • Miners Memorial to 264 miners killed at Hickleton Main Colliery
  • Yorkshire Stone Miniature headstones for 30 graves in the Baby Section in Thurnscoe Cemetery
  • Bolton on Dearne Baby Memorial to 750 babies buried in unmarked graves
  • Memorial headstone to a young soldier who died on an outward bound exercise in Norway
  • A bronze Memorial to a young sailor who died on the Submarine HMS AFFRAY and also served on HMS AMETHYST
  • An extension to the cemetery office with toilet facilities for visitors to the Cemetery.
  • New gates commemorating the 100the anniversary of Thurnscoe Cemetery
  • Near completion of the indexing of all the Burial Registers of the 20 cemeteries in the Barnsley Borough
  • The burial locations of 64 babies for mothers who never knew where their babies were buried when their baby was taken away at birth, they were told to rest and “We will take care of things” they never knew what happened to their baby, but due to the burial index we can now find them, this is a great relief for the mothers, and many tears have been shed when they are taken to their baby’s grave.
  • All the income from this website will go towards all the cemeteries in the Barnsley Borough, we hope to help Friends Groups to set up their own group to take care of their local cemetery, the funds we raise will help them on their way. There are projects that need starting and funding in most of the cemeteries, our intention is to give as much help as we can.

Headstone Cleaning

Since the Group started in 2002 over 50 headstones and graves have been cleaned as well as 13 war graves.

The money raised by headstone cleaning enables the Group to buy equipment to be used in the cemetery, such as chippings, plants, tools, cleaning equipment, blocks to put vases on and other bits and pieces which are given to visitors of the Cemetery.

If you or someone you know requires a family headstone or grave renovating please contact Peter Shields at petershields184@hotmail.com.

Thank You

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