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Gravatar Hello. Using this very useful website, I was able to locate exactly where my great grandparents (on my mum’s side) are buried in Barnsley and Monk Bretton cemeteries. But when I went to visit these cemeteries last November, there were no headstones marking their graves.

My mum was with me at the time, and she was very surprised (and a bit upset), as she was sure her mum and dad (and their siblings) would have had some kind of memorial marking their parents’ graves. However, she also knew that neither grave had been visited by her parents for many years (her grandparents died in the 1940s/50s). And (as far as she could remember) this was the first time she had ever visited here grandparents’ last resting place (and she’s 75!).

I did notice that both burial areas (13 at Barnsley, E at Monk Bretton) seemed to be missing many headstones, and many of the ones that were present had either fallen over or sunk badly. So, I was wondering if Barnsley Council has – in the past – removed headstones from cemeteries if they’ve fallen over, been badly damaged, or been deemed to possibly pose a danger (by leaning precariously)? Also, could they have done this without informing relatives (possibly because they couldn’t locate them)?

Grateful if anyone could shed any light.

Posted 4 Mar at 2:34pm by Jon


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